youcancalllmekat: Yo, so do you like to rock?


Anonymous: Post nudes? Semi nudes? Bulges?


Anonymous: i've been following you since the beginning of your tumblr and dude you have become really handsome ! :0

Ah sweet

Anonymous: Most asked question?

R u single probably

Anonymous: Please tell me you're not gay😭😭😭 so hot🔥🔥🔥

I’m not :)

Anonymous: Hi I'm from Portugal and I saw a foto that took all my attention. In the bottom said it was you but I wasn't sure and need to know if it's you or not. It was one with a obey sweat and black stripes on the face. Like a soldier.

Definitely me

Me and my crazy friend hahaha she’s awesome :)
Self Portrait | made by Loek Hennipman
Self Portrait | made by Loek Hennipman
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